• Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan
  • Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan
  • Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan
  • Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan
  • Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan
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An Introduction


Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan was conceived in 1895 of a town of Punjab, Pind Dadan Khan. He got his initial training at his local spot. In the wake of passing his registration from Secondary School at Jhelum, he took affirmation at Government School Lahore. When he was the understudy of B.A., the Primary World War had quite recently finished and the interest of self-rule for the Indian individuals was getting energy. At the point when exhibits against the administration’s Rowlett Demonstration ejected all through the nation, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan who was individual from the College Preparing Corps, additionally partook in those showings. Therefore, he was ousted from the college alongside other fifty understudies. Before long he left Lahore for his local town. For at some point, he didn’t take direct part in any political action yet kept a nearby watch on the Indian legislative issues.

At the point when the Unionist Gathering was established, he began participating in its gatherings. In 1923, he progressed toward becoming individual from the Authoritative Board. That year, he saw Quaid-I-Azam amid a gathering of the Muslim Alliance and presented himself. Quaid-I-Azam requested that he join Muslim Alliance however he courteously declined to do as such.

In any case, in 1926, amid the gathering of the Authoritative Committee, he talked persuasively in the reaction of Madan Mohan Malwiya’s discourse. He said on the floor of the Gathering that “Hindu-Muslim uproars had turned into the standard of the day and no separation would be made against any network based on its statistic conditions”. He stayed in contact with the Quaid after the Quaid-I-Azam fourteen points and 1932 Public Honor. At the point when in 1935, Sir Fazl-e-Hussain created genuine contrasts with the Quaid, Ghazanfar Ali Khan assumed a crucial job in diffusing the pressure. He had unending correspondence with the Quaid amid a similar period.

raja-ghazanfar-With Quaid e Azam

In 1937 decisions, while Unionist Gathering snatched the lion’s offer winning eighty-three Muslim seats and twenty-three Hindu seats, Muslim Class could verify just two seats, one by Ch Barkat Ali and the second by Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan. In spite of the fact that Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan likewise joined Unionist Gathering and functioned as its parliamentary secretary till 1946, amid the entire scene, he proceeded with his correspondence with the Quaid and gave his proposals for political affiliations with Sir Sikander Hayat Khan. He additionally asked Quaid-I-Azam to redo the Muslim Group. In 1943, Quaid-I-Azam and Khizar Hayat Tiwana created genuine contrasts, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Sufi Abdul Hameed, functioning as two parliamentary secretaries additionally surrendered on the command of Quaid-I-Azam. The previous rejoined Muslim Class. However, when the Unionist Gathering reported that a Muslim Leaguer could likewise turned into its part at the same time, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan again turned into the parliamentary secretary of Unionist Gathering.

After 1945-46 races, when English government in India declared the development of the between time government, Muslim Class assigned Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan as one of the five individuals. He progressed toward becoming wellbeing clergyman. At the point when Sir Francis Modie expelled his bureau in Sind, Muslim Class selected Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan to crusade for the gathering. He carried out this responsibility effectively and Muslim Association got overpowering triumph.


At the point when Pakistan appeared he was made priest of Recovery. The errand of recovery was burdensome yet he worked industriously for right around a year. In 1948, he was made diplomat of Pakistan to Iran. In 1953, he was made Pakistani High Chief to India. From that point he additionally filled in as minister to Turkey. Amid his residency as diplomats to these nations needed to experience significant issues standing up to Iran, Pakistan and the Muslim World including Iranian Oil Struggle, Suez Trench Emergency and Palestine and Kashmir issue.

He kicked the bucket in 1963 at the age of sixty-eight years.

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